Shooting Piss

When you wish upon a piss
When you wish upon a piss

As glorious a thing as poop is, I’ve never seen it light up the sky. A public bathroom, yes, but that’s a different story.

After speculation arose about a mysterious bright light passing through the sky, NASA came forward to reveal it wasn’t a comet tail or some other beautiful naturally occurring phenomenom (well, depends how you look at it), but it was in fact 150 pounds of frozen astronaut piss.

That’s a lot of piss.

I’ve never really weighed my piss, but I imagine that one frozen relief ways no more than 1 pound (unless it’s during a night of drinking – I think I can get a frozen piss block up to 3 pounds), so that means these astronauts were storing frozen piss for at least a month before setting it free.

A NASA spokeswoman said the space shuttle Discovery released “an unusual amount of water and urine into outer space.”

This also begs the question: what are they feeding these astronauts? Has the economic downturn led to a rise in free shipments of Gatorade instead of purified water? And what if their meals consist of asparagus? When that block finally made its way to earth is must have been a giant putrid space bomb.

The stunning visuals were caused by the sunning illuminating the water and urine that freezes upon release into space. It turns into vapor and lights up the night.

If it’s so dang beautiful, I think they should make it a regular thing.

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