Why is there blood when I wipe?

It is weird to think that we all look at our poop and what shows after every wipe. How else are we going to know when to stop?

If you do take a close look at that used piece of TP and notice some blood then there is some possible cause for concern. If it happens frequently you should call up your doctor, it will only be awkward for you, they hear it all the time.

Possible Causes:

There is a chance that it could just be from over wiping or rough toilet paper.

You were probably trying to save a buck or two and purchased the single ply cheap stuff again. Buy the good soft stuff, it really impacts your day in a positive way. It’s the little things in life.

If it is not from your tp or over-wiping, then it may be from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are swollen vein or group of swollen veins in the region of the anus. If they are irritated or punctured they can cause bleeding.

If it is not either of those two than it may be from any other source of rectal bleeding, or tear in the tissue of the anus. Rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids, or anal fissures are commonly caused from constipation among other things.

There is also the chance of internal bleeding in your digestive system.

Possible Treatments:

First, make sure you get that ultra soft double ply toilet paper. It’s worth it.

If you have hemorrhoids you can treat using special hemorrhoid creams that can be bought over the counter, like Preparation H, or prescribed by your doctor.

Any tear in the anus will only naturally heal with time, but this needs to be treated delicately, with the guidance of a physician. It may be a good idea to use anti-bacterial ointment to avoid any type of infection.

If the bleeding in accompanied with pain, or does not go away for a number of days, it is probably best to consult a doctor.

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