Why does poop smell?

You think your poop don’t stink?

In general, your feces smell because they are a waste product of your body, stripped of nutrients and full of bacteria. If you think your poop smells good, believe me, you are the only one that thinks that.

You are what you eat!

Your poop will usually smell differently depending on your diet. I am sure you have noticed your poop smells differently after you spent a week eating healthy then after a three day beer and burrito binge.

When food passes through your digestive system, your body does its best to remove all the valuable
nutrients from your food to be absorbed into the rest of your body. Your body is full of bacteria that aid in the process of breaking down your food, and the gasses released by this bacteria is the main cause of the smell.

Eating foods that are high in fat, made with artificial flavors and colorings, or foods that are just considered unhealthy junk-food, generally makes your feces smell worse than if you eat mostly natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Also, people who eat a lot of meat or foods high in protein may have more potent smelling poop.

Don’t believe us? Test it out! Try different foods and smell your poop. One of our users is actually going to do this and send us their results. Please don’t let that be you. Go outside, have some fun.

Poop is essentially food that has been stripped of its nutrients and has begun to rot inside your body. Foods that become rotten outside of your body usually smell too, another reason why your poo can smell bad. Generally, the longer you hold in a poop the worse it smells as it allows for the bacteria to grow and food to rot.



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