Why is There Corn in My Poop?

Known fact #1: We all love looking at our poop.

Known fact #2: We have all seen what appears to be whole kernels of corn in our poop after we’ve consumed corn.

I can’t explain fact #1 except that it is part of human nature to be curious. But fact #2 is science. And the reason you see corn in your poop is simple: cellulose.

Cellulose is an insoluble substance, meaning it does not dissolve and is not digestible by humans. Cellulose is what the outer hull of a corn kernel is made of. It’s common to a lot of vegetables and is actually fiber.

All that mushy goodness that’s inside the kernel does not appear in your poop because that gets dissolved. So in reality, you’re probably not seeing a whole kernel of corn; likely, it’s a chunk of the cellulose gnawed a bit, and without the mushy stuff inside.

Can I prevent corn from being seen in my poop?

Not entirely. Cellulose is plain and simple not digestible. BUT, you can take special care to chew it till it’s broken down into as few pieces as possible before swallowing.

Personally, I think corn gives my poop a lot of character and color, so I’m excited when it makes an appearance. Heck, I’ll make extra trips to Chipotle so I have something to look forward to in the bathroom.

Corn in your poop does not mean anything bad. It’s just a flaw in our human digestive systems that we cannot breakdown the cellulose. But one species’ flaw is the same species’ toilet gold.

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