Oh crap!

Leyton says:

Ok, so I was at summer camp and we were on a super long hike. I REALLY had to go! So I asked my friend what I Should do because I was about to crap myself! She said go to the back of the line then get off the trail. And thats just what i did. I don’t have very good direction apparently because i ended up in FRONT of the line. I didn’t see them so i dropped my pants and the stuff started coming! But then I heard them coming. I pulled my pants as fast as I could. But the stuff was still coming! So every one saw me crap myself and for the rest of the trail I had to wear my messy pants. And when I say messy, I mean it was diarrhea and was coming down my legs!!!!

But after the trail it got even worse!The camp made me wear a diaper for the month! I was 13!!! So now every time I go to camp they ask me if I need my diaper changed!!! Oh and for a prank my cabin mates feed me baby food and wrote “change me” on my face then duct taped me to the boys cabin deck. So all the boys saw me in my diaper and a t-shirt!

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