A Green Mess in the Wrong Bathroom

So me and my friend Claudia were at school and I was about to shit my pants. It was during the finals so I was screwed. I asked Claudia what to do on a note. Claudia told me to just shit myself…. that didn’t help. I asked my professor, and she said I could go after a long argument. Problem solved?

NO! on my way to the restroom I spotted a hot male about 19 years old outside the girls bathroom. I gave him a polite smile and proceeded through the door. Ironically, I went into the male’s bathroom and didn’t notice. I was shocked when I was in mid-shit and he opened my stall door. he was astounded and simply disgusted by the raunchy stench of my feces. He asked me if I knew I was in the wrong bathroom and I stood up as green diarrhea shot down from my asshole onto my khaki shorts. I asked to excuse myself and slammed the door shut. I heard him walk out…. or at least I thought he did.

I was beginning to run out of toilet paper so I crawled under the stall next to me. I wasn’t expecting to find ANOTHER hot guy right next to me. Completely mortified, I shot back under my own stall and flushed. On my way out of the stall I took my pants off and began washing them. The first hot guy was in a urinal behind me. We made eye contact through the mirror and I bolted out the door with no pants on.

Luckily I made it into the girl’s bathroom without being caught, and I washed my pants thoroughly. I went to put my pants on and got an uncomfortable feeling. I rushed to the gym locker room where I knew I had clothes that were dry. I changed into those clothes and got back to my room. I made it through the finals and scurried to my dorm after it was over. I went to sleep thinking everything was okay.

I got up in the morning to go to my first class, when I was called down to the office. I was then suspended for 5 days for public nudity caught on cameras, and for sexually offending 2 boys. My luck…

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