Automatic Flush – A Short Story

From: Pooper101MJ

It was my sophomore year at college and I was eating lunch on campus at our school union. Suddenly I got an uncomfortable urge that required my immediate attention. Usually I hate pooping in public places and try to avoid it at all costs, however, I knew that I did not have much time to mess around looking for the ideal spot.

Luckily, the union actually has wonderful facilities. It is cleaned a few times a day, has both the manual and a back-up sensor activated automatic flush on every toilet‚ and those little paper sheet things you can put down on the seats.

I rushed to an open stall, got the paper seat thing down and the process started flowing instantly.  It was the best feeling in the world for me, and the nastiest sound in the world for the one other person in the bathroom. After the initial burst, I decided to take my time and relax for the remainder.

I could not see any feet in the stall next to me due to very low stall doors, but I could hear someone there making noise. Then the person gave a flush. I was glad to hear the flush because I hate it when others are in the bathroom with me. However, after the flush there was no buckling of the pants, no zipper sound, no movement at all.

After 30 seconds of uncomfortable silence I hear another flush, followed immediately by silence. Then a cough. Another flush, then silence.

I thought maybe this guy is trying to drop me a hint to give courtesy flush. So I turned around and gave a flush‚ Then he started to rustle a bit, and he gave another flush!

I thought he must have very foul smelling crap or a broken toilet. Either way I was done and gave my final flush.

I buckled my pants, left the stall and washed my hands, during which there was two more flushes! I was about to leave the restroom but I heard the flush guy zipping up his pants. I decided to wash my hands again to see who this flusher was and add to his assumed embarrassment.

To my shock out of the stall walked a midget. We caught eyes in the mirror, and it was obvious that he knew I was the man in the stall next to him. “Damn auto flush”, he said with a smile. “I am not tall enough to hold the sensor.”

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