Poop Rockets

From User: Sarah N Well, this poop story is fresh from the bathroom today. I pooped earlier this morning, so when I returned to the bathroom around noon, I figured that I only had to pee. I pulled down my pants and hovered over the toilet, as many woman do in public restrooms to avoid sitting on the seat. As … Read More

The Man-Pon: A Marine Avoids Further Explosions

Jack from www.gusmcoy.com writes: I was already on all fours at this point, with my ass in the air like a god-damn Fergie video. I crawled on all fours with my head down, just wanting to make it to the TP. It was becoming a race for time.   read the full story…

A Green Mess in the Wrong Bathroom

So me and my friend Claudia were at school and I was about to shit my pants. It was during the finals so I was screwed. I asked Claudia what to do on a note. Claudia told me to just shit myself…. that didn’t help. I asked my professor, and she said I could go after a long argument. Problem … Read More

A Lesson in Scatology

As part of Deadspin’s “Great Moments in Drunken Hookup Failure,” Bryan submitted the following story: So back in college I took an easy “A” course in sociology. Everyone got “A’s” in this class, so it was worth putting up with the inanity of the 12 weeks. One of the projects was to chart a new relationship, and write a paper … Read More

The Tale of Cryptosporidiosis

From: CorbanDallas I had been living in Costa Rica for nearly two years and had already experienced many episodes of diarrhea, but nothing could have prepared me for what was soon going to invade my poor body…submitted for the approval of the Number Two Guide society, I call this story: The Tale of Cryptosporidiosis I was enjoying a quiet weekend … Read More

Oh crap!

Leyton says: Ok, so I was at summer camp and we were on a super long hike. I REALLY had to go! So I asked my friend what I Should do because I was about to crap myself! She said go to the back of the line then get off the trail. And thats just what i did. I don’t … Read More

Automatic Flush – A Short Story

From:¬†Pooper101MJ It was my sophomore year at college and I was eating lunch on campus at our school union. Suddenly I got an uncomfortable urge that required my immediate attention. Usually I hate pooping in public places and try to avoid it at all costs, however, I knew that I did not have much time to mess around looking for … Read More

Writing on the Stall: Sausage Poo

Sausage links From Dan H. saw a fun graffiti in a toilet stall: drawing of a 14″ sausage shaped turd with this poem: Here I sit full of bliss just squeezed out a turd like this

Sharting at Work

From Shartoholic: Luckily, I work at home. So don’t get the wrong idea. I have, once before, sharted at work and had a hell of a time cleaning it up (in khakis, no less), but this happened today so I thought I’d share. You know when you fart and you think it could be wet, so you wiggle a bit … Read More

“Wait a Minute – I’m Wiping!”

From BullRider: My senior year of college I lived with 5 other friends. We only had two bathrooms in the entire house and due to the locations of the rooms and the bathrooms 5 of us basically shared one. It was not uncommon to be waiting for the toilet or shower, which can cause some annoyance, but no one really … Read More

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