Kopi Luwak – Poop Coffee

You know how coffee makes you poop?  Well, it is the exact opposite for a little creature known as the Asian Palm Civet.  To get straight to the point, the poop from the Civet is used to create coffee. That’s right, someone picks up this animals poops, does some sort of magic, and is enjoying a cup at the start of the … Read More

Office Co-Worker – The Keyholder

The Keyholder – Your Fate is in Their Hands More so than your clients or your boss, your workday is at the mercy of The Keyholder – the person who either physically holds the bathroom key or the one coworker whose desk is required to bypass to and from your poop route. Whether or not The Keyholder actually takes notice … Read More

Office Co-Worker – The Timid

The Timid – Don’t Look Down Self-conscious and fearful, The Timid is always preoccupied with not being smelled, heard, or even known to have gone to the bathroom. Oftentimes, The Timid will go at odd hours, such as before or after work, or when everyone is on lunch break. Timids seek out solitude – whether it be on other floors … Read More

Office Co-Worker – The Talker

The Talker – “The funny thing about this is there’s poop coming out of my butt, RIGHT NOW” Conversation’s great, but like masturbation, it has a time and a place – not the office bathroom. The only exception is if you have a close enough relationship with a co-worker and there is nobody else within earshot. The Talker who, regardless … Read More

Poop eating worms clean up your turds

Attention all candle makers, air freshener companies and incense burners, you should all start your R&D on creating the smell ‘Port-o-Potties’ because that smell may soon be forgotten.   Eisenia fetida, better known as red wiggler worms, are now being used to clean up after human poop in a golf course in Canada.  These worms are native to Europe, and imported … Read More

Office Co-Worker – The Ripper

The Ripper – The Steve Nash of Passing Gas As a kid, you may have walked by your parents’ bathroom at 6am, during Dad’s daily routine, and heard an overabundance of noise. These hard-working men stored up every ounce of gas from the day before and let it out in one long session in the private confines of their home. … Read More

Office Co-Workers- The Five Star

The Five-Star – “Pardon Me, Would You Have Any Grey Poop-On?” There are those who have the drive and determination to always find the best toilets. For their frou-frou poo-poo, some people are willing to go to great lengths, including a 10-minute walk to a hotel with non-disposable towels, floor-to-ceiling stalls, or Kohler urinals. The Five-Star dreams of greener pastures. … Read More


There’s something about poop that takes us back to the earliest memories of our existence. The first time we sharted in school (second grade for me), the first time the toilet overflowed, and just the general amazing sensation of being a big boy/girl who uses the toilet seat, wipes, and flushes on his/her own. Mischievous Bowl Cut makes sketches that … Read More

Office Co-Workers- The Destroyer

The Destroyer– Bringer of Death In video games, there are a number of terms for the ultimate tool of destruction: BFG (Big Fucking Gun), The Redeemer, The Golden Gun – all of which are one shot one kill. But none of these terms do justice to the weapon of mass destruction The Destroyer possesses. This person can wipe out nostrils … Read More

Olympic Divers Make Poop Faces

If you’re like me, and the Olympics have taken over your television set this sportless season (say ‘baseball’ and I will throttle you with a toilet brush), then you’ve probably tuned in to a few minutes of diving. You may have thought, man if synchronized diving is a sport, then why isn’t synchronized cooking, or pooping, for that matter? Anyway, … Read More

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