Poop eating worms clean up your turds

Poop Eating WormsAttention all candle makers, air freshener companies and incense burners, you should all start your R&D on creating the smell ‘Port-o-Potties’ because that smell may soon be forgotten.   Eisenia fetida, better known as red wiggler worms, are now being used to clean up after human poop in a golf course in Canada.  These worms are native to Europe, and imported from France.   A company called Ecosphere Technologies is responsible for launching this first North American test, which so far has been odor less and successful.

The red wiggler can eat close to their body weight in food each day, and the more poop there is for these worms to eat the more they can reproduce.  Adding about 1 pound of worms to the bottom of a toilet system will allow for over 10,000 smell free uses of the toilet before needing any maintenance.

They type of toilets the golf course is using is a bit different from your standard blue rent-o-john.  According to Frederic Neau, who is a sales representative for Ecosphere Technologies, “A pedal at the foot of the toilet triggers a system of conveyor belts that separate fecal matter from urine, which is then filtered through sand while the stool goes to the worms.  Urine mixed with feces is what produces the typical unpleasant odors in some older dry toilets.”  Leave up to Europe to make a smart, sophisticated, clean, eco-friendly port-o-potty.  Here in America we take 4 walls of blue plastic, and put a grey seat in it.  That’s all you need.

Although this is a really cool concept, it would kind of freak me out know that I am pooping while just below me are thousands of worms waiting to feast.  It would be a hard image to get passed and I would probably try to do a quick poop.  This would lead to a poor wiping job and me feeling gross for the rest of the day.  Nature!

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