Pimp Your Toilet with TOTO

On May 26th we at NTG posted an article on the Neorest toilet (here). This $5000 toilet is popular among celebrities like Will Smith because of its hands free operation. It is probably also popular among those with no hands. However, if you don’t have the benjamins to toss around $5000 like Will Smith, or the justification of not having hands to drop that kind of money, there are still a few options to pimp out your toilet.

The people over at TOTO offer high tech toilet seats that can easily replace the one you have at home.

These seats are priced between $450 to $1,200 based on the features you request. To browse some of the available TOTO seats you can visit their website or go here for an array of seats.

Just like pimping your ride there are several factors to consider when pimping your toilet.

Although style is important, comfort should be the number one priority. Make your toilet seat unique to your ass. I cannot stress that enough. What kind of ass do you have? Round? Elongated? What type of seat finish feels the best against your cheeks?

What kind of pooper are you? If you are sloppy maybe a strong jet force water cleanse is the best option for you. If you are smelly maybe an automatic air purifier is where you want to drop a little extra coin.

Perhaps your pet peeve is that cold toilet seat in the morning. You hover over it for almost two minutes before you finally decide to drop your ass against that freezing surface. Sure, now that it’s over with it feels good, but you loath that morning hover routine. If this is the case then I would recommend heated seats with temperature control.

Ask yourself what type of pooper you are, and what you look for in a toilet. Then pimp your seat.

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