Pictures of Poop

Below are pictures of poop that have been submitted to NumberTwoGuide. You can veiw them all indivudually and rate them using the Rate My Poop tool. Hopefully these poop pictures can help you identify your own poop and find the answers you seek. Feel free to comment on the poop pictures with any questions or thoughts and the NumberTwoGuide community will be here to provide feedback.

  • The Green Mile

    Average Score: 3.6

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  • The Freshman 15

    Average Score: 4.73

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  • The Great Reveal

    Average Score: 3.83

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  • Shrimp Out of Water

    Average Score: 3.38

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  • Chili Aftermath

    Average Score: 4.26

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  • 5 Day Relief

    Average Score: 5.06

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  • Poo With The Hand

    Average Score: 5.06

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  • Pathetic Poo

    Average Score: 2.65

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