Olympic Divers Make Poop Faces

If you’re like me, and the Olympics have taken over your television set this sportless season (say ‘baseball’ and I will throttle you with a toilet brush), then you’ve probably tuned in to a few minutes of diving. You may have thought, man if synchronized diving is a sport, then why isn’t synchronized cooking, or pooping, for that matter?

Anyway, worry not – there is something extremely entertaining about this sport, and you only have to see it in a single frame to appreciate it. Exhibit A:

Olympic Diver Poop Face

What’s that you say? “Oh Mao God, I’m shitting rockets out my butt pockets.”

Yes, it is incredible how uncanny these ‘athletes’ look while performing. It’s like they have all this pent-up competitive rage and haven’t taken a poo in six weeks and they’re all letting it out during a 30-foot drop into what is probably the world’s largest toilet.

For a whole gallery of extremely satisfying photos of Olympic divers looking like they’re pooping, check out the fw.com.

Here’s another one, just for fun:

Another Diver Poop Face



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