Office Co-Worker – The Timid

The Timid – Don’t Look Down
Self-conscious and fearful, The Timid is always preoccupied with not being smelled, heard, or even known to have gone to the bathroom. Oftentimes, The Timid will go at odd hours, such as before or after work, or when everyone is on lunch break.

Timids seek out solitude – whether it be on other floors of the building or rundown bathrooms – just to escape the possibility of confrontation. They are heavily opposed to Talkers and despise any sort of conversation inside or out of the stalls.

Timid Pooper - Office Co-Worker TypeIf a person happens to occupy a stall or urinal, or simply a faucet, during the tenure of a Timid’s session, The Timid will hold back their poop until absolutely certain the coast is clear. In dire situations, he/she will create diversions via squeaks, bangs, or coughs to hide any sort of noise. More on soundproofing tactics in the Soundproofing chapter.

Faced with a receptionist or other key-holder, The Timid will be conscious of timing, enforcing the plausibility that a quick shit break could actually have been a long piss followed by a healthy hand scrub and then a slow walk back to the office. Nobody’s buying it.

Given their worried nature, The Timid often suffers from unsatisfactory releases which directly affect their workday. If you fit under this category, it’s necessary to employ the proper tactics to improve your overall bathroom and office happiness.


  • Makes no enemies


  • Rarely finds peace
  • Almost never a clean break
  • Anxious to the point of unhealthiness

One thought on “Office Co-Worker – The Timid”

  1. This is so me !! but i hate being the timid one… i want to break free and let my poop soar down the great porcelain slide even if people are around. I hope one day i can become a different type of pooper !

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