Office Co-Worker – The Ripper

The Ripper – The Steve Nash of Passing Gas
The Ripper - Office Co-WorkerAs a kid, you may have walked by your parents’ bathroom at 6am, during Dad’s daily routine, and heard an overabundance of noise. These hard-working men stored up every ounce of gas from the day before and let it out in one long session in the private confines of their home.

In this day and age, it’s more commonplace to see men, and even women, ripping ass in a public or office area. The Ripper sees the short walls of the stall as insulation from the outside world.

Not being a Ripper, or knowing one personally (as these personalities are most often avoided), the authors of this book had to assume that Rippers are completely devoid of any self-consciousness that may lend understanding to this social aberration. It’s like Lenny from Of Mice and Men gripping the life out of that dog – some people don’t know, nor do they comprehend, what they’re doing in certain situations.

For the rest of us, we see the office bathroom as a public place unless, of course, you are privy to a single. If you were in a restaurant, would you shout obscenities for no reason at an adjacent table? Nor should your sphincter cry out to others in the workplace.

There are remedies, of course, further detailed in Soundproofing, and we strongly encourage our Ripper readers to digest this information, hopefully without letting it pass through their systems.


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  • Difficult to assess the distance sound can travel
  • Alienates others in the bathroom while making you stand out
  • Sounds become recognizable

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