Local Poop Art

Yep, that's what it is.
Yep, that’s what it is.

Chicago has another stop for tourists.  On Wolcott Ave outside of Wicker Park stands a fountain that causes you to stop and look twice.  Shit Fountain is not just a clever name but a fountain that is shaped like a large turd.

Created by local artist Jerzy S. Kenar who is typically known for religious sculptures.  The fountain sits in front of his art studio and according to Kenar, “This work is dedicated to all of the dogs in the neighborhood.”

Kenar and other locals have been annoyed about the lack of dog pile cleanup in the neighborhood.  Kenar built the fountain to be ironic and humorous and had no intention of making anyone upset.

For the most part the fountain is well received by the neighborhood.  However, there are always a few people who are rubbed the wrong way by such an unusual piece.  No one has directly complained to Kenar, but as passersby glance at the fountain he usually sees mixed reactions.

The statue is made of bronze and emits no odor, just like all the employee’s poop here at NTG.

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