Kopi Luwak – Poop Coffee

You know how coffee makes you poop?  Well, it is the exact opposite for a little creature known as the Asian Palm Civet.  To get straight to the point, the poop from the Civet is used to create coffee.

That’s right, someone picks up this animals poops, does some sort of magic, and is enjoying a cup at the start of the next day.  Sounds crazy, but the mind blowing piece is that it is not just any coffee, but arguably the best and most expensive coffee in the world.

Kopi Luwak - Civet Poop CoffeeSo, how in the name of poop could that be true?  Well, turns out the Civet has a taste for some fancy cherries.  Coffee cherries, to be exact.  These coffee cherries are eaten by the Civet for their fruity pulp.  This little snack then passes through the digestive track of the Civet where various acids and enzymes seep into the coffee bean before it is pooped out in clumps by the little creatures.  The clumps are then harvested by farmers and used to create the freshest brew of poop coffee. 

Due to the lengthy process needed to collect enough poop for coffee, Kopi Luwak can be difficult to come by and has been sold for as much as $600 per 1lb of coffee.  That is equivalent to roughly $30 a cup.  Here at NTG we are considering getting into the coffee poop business.  I hear it is very lucrative. And laxative. (ehhhhhhhh – horrible pun for the day)

As anything that has value, business have started to form around the Kopi Luwak to the tune of Civets farm.  These farms have created some ethical outcries as many Civets are caged and used solely to produce these coffee beans.  Imagine being caged and fed constantly to keep you pooping. It sounds like some bizarre ancient form of torture.

You may be wondering why the farmers don’t just take the coffee beans right from the coffee cherries?  The process that the coffee bean goes through as it is being digested by the Civet is where the cherries really draws their flavor.  The coffee cherries can be used on their own, but the quality of that coffee does elicit even close to the same price as the cherries that pass through a Civet digestive track.

4 thoughts on “Kopi Luwak – Poop Coffee”

  1. Tony Wild, the coffee executive responsible for bringing kopi luwak to the Western world, has stated he no longer supports using kopi luwak due to animal cruelty and launched a campaign called “Cut the Crap” to halt the use of kopi luwak.

    1. I actually won half a pound of this coffee on radio station KLDE in Houston some 20 or so years ago..It was very strong..one of the DJ’s said it tasted like s**t..I tend to agree…

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