Flavor of Love Girl’s Floor Poop

Not everything we write about at NTG is timely, but dammit, it’s pertinent. And for some reason I was thinking about Flavor of Love and the girl that pooped on the staircase in season two. If you’ve never seen a clip of the video, please watch it:

For all of the knocks against Flavor Flav being over 50, a foil to the progress of the Civil Rights movement, and just a plain bad rapper, you have to admit – he knows how to make shit funny. He goes as far as to give props to Somethin’ (the pooper) for being true to herself. But if being true to yourself means shitting on the floor in front of countless people and TV cameras, baby, I want to be false.

Yes, it just “pushed itself out,” according to Somethin’s monologue. No, she wasn’t feet-tripping drunk, nor on laxatives. She must have been holding that sucker in for days.

Unfortunately, Somethin’s little surprise didn’t win her the aging heart of Flav. Maybe it was her way of getting out of the competition early so she didn’t have to fight with New York.

Too bad Flav didn’t say he was into girls who poop on the floor. If that was the case, the next morning the house would’ve been covered in skank doo and blood from girls clawing at each others anuses to prevent one another from dropping the ‘deuce of love.’

Why hasn’t reality TV surmounted this pinnacle?

11 thoughts on “Flavor of Love Girl’s Floor Poop”

  1. …and this is why I don’t watch “reality” TV. If this clip is representative of this show, it’s anything but (or should that be “butt”?) “reality TV.”

  2. if it wasn’t bad enough $hitt!ng on her crushes floor, now she’ll probably never be able to find a boyfriend,and national television from all over the world saw this and now every one who sees her fat a$$ will make fun of her!

  3. I remember when former President George W. Bush defecated on the podium while giving his acceptance speech to run again for President at Madison Square Garden in 2004. He was lauded by one and all as “admirable” for doing so. I never could understand the reasoning behind that one.

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