Father and Son Invent New-Age Pooper Scooper

new age pooper scooper

This invention is ridiculous, and the picture is hilarious.

My guess is that the photo-shoot for their invention was taken moments after the family Christmas card photo that they take every year in their matching white shirts.  Mom loves it.

This kid probably already brought his newly invented pooper-scooper to show-and-tell and writes “inventor” in the blank space for the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?  Well, kid, life’s not that easy, and neither will be selling your bulky, 4 1/2 pound, awkward to carry, and even more awkward to look at, pooper-scooper.  Best of luck nonetheless.  You will probably learn some valuable life lessons along the way.  It’s like they always say, “life is poop and all that matters is how you scoop it up.”  I just made that up, no one says that.

Seriously though, I would like to see someone using this one day. If I ever do, I will first have a good laugh, then ask to give it a try.  All dog owners understand that picking up dog poop is not fun, but it’s just part of the gig.  Bending at the waste with a bag in your hand may be difficult for the elderly and people with arthritis, but carrying and using this awkward contraption does not seem much easier to me.

Yes, there probably is a market for this somewhere.  A family with a nice big yard perhaps, go outside once a week and blast through your yard with this thing in 20 minutes, cleaning every last drop.  Sure, maybe they will make some money, the kid will grow up with a little money saved for college, they family will always have something to talk about when they meet someone with a dog…but can’t we still laugh at the picture?

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