Unsolved Mystery Poop

Unsolved Mystery Poop Definition:

1. Pooping with absolutely no physical evidence that you actually pooped.

2. Pooping and finding no trace of poop in the toilet (ghost poop), and no trace of poop when you wipe (ghost wipe)

3. Thinking you pooped, but not being able to prove it.


1. I know I felt a poop come out, but when I looked at the toilet paper I was already clean, and then when I turned around and glanced in the toilet bowl I saw nothing. A true unsolved mystery poop, and I don’t think I am getting an update on this one.

2. When potty training my kid on a normal toilet he claimed he pooped but I found no evidence. Was he lying, or was it an unsolved mystery poop?


Unsolved Mystery Poop

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