Never Ending Wipe

Never Ending Wipe Definition:

1. Reference to the process of wiping ones butt with toilet paper and being caught in the loop where each post wipe view of the toilet paper contains a brown stain and never a clean white sheet.

2. Wiping ones butt but never reaching satisfaction of a clean behind.

3. The continues process of wiping ones butt that always returns unfavorable results when viewing the toilet paper.

4. Never getting a clean white piece of toilet paper after wiping ones butt and continually seeing brown. This process could go on forever, but it is safe to refer to the never ending wipe after 6 wipes.


1. After a night of drinking my bowel movements are a bit irregular and non-solid, this always is followed by a never ending wipe.

2. I sat disappointed on the toilet from dealing with a never ending wipe that I had to cut off simply because I ran out of toilet paper.


Never Ending Wipe

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