Fake Pee Audible

Fake Pee Audible Definition:

1. Walking into the bathroom with the intention to poop but quickly adjusting by heading towards the urinal to fake a pee because one or all stalls are occupied.

2. Not wanting to poop next to someone else pooping in a bathroom with multiple stalls and faking a pee with the intention of coming back later to poop when the bathroom is empty.

3. Walking to to the bathroom or entering the bathroom at the same time as someone else and calling off your poop and switching to a pee to avoid any embarrassment.


1. I was about to take a dump at the office but when I entered the bathroom I noticed shoes under one of the stalls and called a fake pee audible.

2. I noticed Jim was carrying a newspaper with him as we were both about to enter the bathroom so I quickly called a fake pee audible.


The fake pee can be obvious to the current pooper if there is no pee stream sounds.

2 thoughts on “Fake Pee Audible”

    1. Audible as in the sports definition: a change in the offensive play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage.

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