Crop Dusting

Crop Dusting Definition:

1. To fart while on the move to spread out the odor over multiple locations to lessen the smell and reduce your chances of being blamed

2. A farting technique used to attempt to mask a fart. The name is in reference to a plane spreading pesticides or other chemicals over a field.

3. Often used in the office when the bathroom is occupied, farting in multiple locations while moving in order to alleviate the pressure of poop while waiting for the bathroom to be open.

4. Farting while walking or running


1. Jim had Chinese food for lunch and needed to poop but the bathroom was in use. Instead of sitting at his desk in agony he crop dusted around the office.

2. Sarah did not want to be blamed for the fart at the party so she used the crop dusting technique. Someone still caught wind of it, but Steve was blamed.


Crop Dusting
Crop Dusting

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