Courtesy Flush

Courtesy Flush Definition:

1. The act of flushing the toilet the instant a particle of poop scratches the surface of the water in order to minimize odor foulness of the overall pooping episode.

2. A practice in proper manners in the presence of another bathroom-goer, wherein the pooper flushes the toilet after any droplets have fallen in the bowl to send a clear message that he/she will not tolerate poop that needn’t linger in the toilet.

3. Used as a skidmark prevention method for an extra large poop, whereby the pooper flushes after first contact to ensure the entire poop smoothly goes down the drain.


1. I heard someone enter the bathroom so I made sure to give a courtesy flush after my first chunk of poo hit the deck.

2. (Two people are in the stalls next to each other; one person gives a courtesy flush) Pardon me, but would you like any Grey Poupon?


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