Careless Fireman

Careless Fireman Definition:

1. When you are pooping and accidentally pee on your clothing or body.

2. A phenomenon that happens more to men, carelessly aiming your pee while sitting down and pooping causing some pee dribble to land on your underwear.

3. When pee escapes from a misplaced aim above the toilet rim or sneaks out under the toilet lid and lands on the floor or person pooping.

4. When a man's penis is not properly pushed down while he poops and the urine shoots out not landing in the toilet.


1. Dave looked down to see that he had pee all over his boxer that had somehow shot through the gap between the toilet base and the lid.

2. Rushing into the bathroom with for a poop emergency was no excuse to not secure the angle of the pee. This lesson was learned the hard way as Jim was not forced to wet some toliet paper in an attempt to clean his urine soaked boxers.


Careless Fireman



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