Bidet Definition:

1. A device used after pooping to clean your butt.

2. Usually found in European countries, a post-poop device used to clean your butt through the use of water shot up in a single jet like stream.

3. An alternative to toilet paper

4. A device that can be installed into the toilet, or completely separate to the toilet for cleaning your bum. If separate from the toilet it usually looks like a miniature toilet and often found right next to the toilet. You cannot pee or poop into this device. Not commonly found in the U.S.


1. While on vacation in Europe I accidentally drank water from the bidet because I thought it was a drinking fountain, having never used or seen one before.

2. I’m a bidet man. Nothing refreshes me more after a long poop. I hate dealing with the roughness of toilet paper, it hurts my butt. I will always be a bidet man.


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