Celebrity Toilet – The Neorest

The great thing about having a bunch of extra money lying around is that you get to buy all sorts of ridiculous things.  Unfortunately, if you are not a celebrity or extremely wealthy and you save your money only to buy a $5000.00 toilet people think you are crazy.  However, the more you learn about the Toto Neorest 600 the better you understand the fine line that separates crazy and genius.

Will Smith is one Hollywood star that knows how to drop a comfortable deuce!

If you check out the Neorest website here you see how seriously the people at Neorest take their toilets.  Their website alone makes you feel like you are embarking on a magical journey into the unknown.

Here are a few product details on the toilet that we pulled from the Neorest site:

    • Full wireless remote options
    • Automatic hands-free lid opening and closing
    • Heated SoftClose seat
    • Remote Flush
    • Automatic hands-free flush
    • First tank-less toilet with integrated wash-less seat
    • Cyclone flushing system
    • Rear/front/soft front cleanse
    • Oscillating comfort cleanse
    • Self-cleaning mode
    • Dual flush water conservation mode
    • Warm air dryer
    • Adjustable wand positioning
    • Automatic wand cleaning
    • Catalytic air purifier
    • Sana gloss glaze on the bowl for more hygienic, easy-to clean surface

I don’t even know what half of that stuff means, but this toilet has more features and screams of more luxury then anything I own, including my entire apartment and car.

I don’t know about the rest of the NTG readers but I feel like my life now has a distinct purpose. I must try one of these! With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, one day I might even be the proud owner of my own oscillating comfort cleanse toilet. One can dream.

9 thoughts on “Celebrity Toilet – The Neorest”

  1. In these troubling financial times, this sounds like a solid investment for those with the entrepreneurial spirit. One could install a Neorest in his/her powder room and then charge a use-fee to those Will Smith wannabees who simply must experience them to get one on their own. I bet the market could bear perhaps as much as $5 per use for a “dump and cleanse” experience.

    By the way, what’s with the reference to http://www.ChevroletEdmunds.com when you mouse over the double-underlined word “celebrity” in your opening paragraph? Does the new model of the Chevy Celebrity come equipped with a Neorest in the trunk? Geez, does this mean that GM is literally in the shitter?

  2. I would pay $5 to try one of those bad boys out. However, it might be smarter to charge by the minute….some people like to take their time with the whole process.

  3. Good point, Natural. But then you’d have the added expense of installing a timing device. And when would it start? Upon entry to the bathroom or upon sitting down? And would there be any optional, add-on fees, like using the front and/or rear cleanse functionality? These are important questions that would require consideration before going nationwide with this new luxury pay-per-use enterprise.

  4. All good points March Madness. A complete business plan covering all issues and finances would be needed before starting. However, this toilet is so sophisticated I would not be surprised if the next model has some sort of artificial intelligence chip built in. In which case all you have to do is sit back and collect the profits as the toilet handles all of the day to day operations.

  5. Honestly, 5k isn’t that bad for a toilet like this. Think of how much you’ll save in toilet paper over the years? Of course, you’ll have to use more water to wash your ass and electricity to dry it.

  6. I dunno, CSHATTS. Given that most standard toilets can be had for between $100 and $300, and factoring the cost for additional water and electricity required, I’d say that the return on investment of the capital required to purchase a Neorest would take a few lifetimes, if at all, to achieve simply from savings on toilet paper.

    On the other hand, if you charge admission to let people into your bathroom to partake of the rare and unique dumping experience the Neorest offers, you could make a killing. Something to think about as long as the stock market remains in the dumper, so to speak.

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